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Our 30-sachet boxes will be your daily dose of positivity.

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Got a question?

Neurio is a blend of berry extracts, botanicals and herbal ingredients in the perfect ratios to create a refreshing vegan friendly nootropic drink.

Pick up a Neurio as and when you want to.  We recommend you take a couple of days off a week just so you body doesn’t adapt to the ingredients if you take them continuously, that way you are always getting maximum effect and benefits.  However, it is completely safe to take every day if you wanted to, and many of the ingredients will continue giving you the same great results — but we do recommend taking two days off per week for the optimal results.

Yes of course.  Neurio is made from natural ingredients that can be found naturally in food and plants.  Neurio is even Informed Sport tested meaning that it entirely safe if you are drug tested for your sport.  Neurio is also vegan friendly

Neurio contains 95mg of caffeine the same as an average cup of filter coffee

For best results we drink Neurio in one go to receive the maximum benefits.  We are all different so some people may feel the effects straight away, while others may take a little longer.  We recommend taking your Neurio 30 minutes before you want to feel the most benefits.  We also like our Neurio straight from the fridge

Step 1 – Shake well before drinking

Step 2 – For best results drink in one go

Step 3 – Take anytime you need a boost or a mental pick me up. We love it straight from the fridge

Neurio is Positive Mental Attitude in a pouch. Give it a shake, drink it in one and enjoy a 5 star day

Neurio contains nootropic ingredients including caffeine, rhodiola, lemon balm extract, l-tyrosine, l-carnitine and gingko biloba.