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Why Neurio

Good question! There are plenty of options for a quick pick me up.  Cup of coffee, anyone? But Neurio is so much more than caffeine.  In fact it only contains the same amount of caffeine as a regular latte

So you can forget harsh energy drinks and synthetic supplements.

Neurio takes the best of nature’s mood-boosting ingredients and combines them in a way your brain understands.

It’s get up and go. Not “got up, burned out, back to bed”…

Neurio is confidence, productivity, and an inner voice that says “you got this!”

Still not sure? Check out the images below

How to know if Nootropics are for you.


Mentally floored? Not any more. When it’s been one of those weeks (or months…) Neurio will pick you up and make the impossible seem easy.


You can do it! Neurio is your cheerleader for that job interview, work presentation, or slightly-scary meeting. Show up as your best self.


Live your best life – every day. Life can be tough. Sometimes you need a little push to take the first step. Neurio gets you started.


Tackle your to-do list and get stuff done. Neurio’s energy-boosting ingredients make it easy to ignore distractions and focus on what matters.


Neurio is Positive Mental Attitude in a sachet. Give a shake, drink it in one and enjoy a 5-star day.

Sounds like you?

If you can relate to any of the above we believe Neurio can help you. Why not see for yourself and order Neurio today?

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Our story

How it started

Fun fact: Neurio started life as “Brain Jam” but we soon realised that sounds kind of weird. And some people asked if they could spread it on toast (yes, really). Neurio is the result of 5 years of research, development, testing and formulation. Our founder is a nutritional specialist and performance chef who knows what it’s like to go through challenging times. He has developed Neurio to help as many people as he can to feel like their best selves…

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how to use

How To Use Neurio

step 1

Shake well before drinking

step 2

For best results drink in one go

step 3

Take anytime you need a boost or a mental pick me up. We love it straight from the fridge