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Who’s it for?2022-10-28T09:53:02+00:00

The creator of Neurio already works with international athletes, CEOs, and foreign dignitaries – who all love Neurio. But that was never Neurio’s mission.
Neurio was designed with you in mind. The deadline-chaser, the interview-prepper, the mojo-seeker. Neurio is for anyone who’s ever had a seat on the struggle bus.

who’s it for?

The Anxious Minded.

Life can be tough. Neurio is your cheerleader on the days you might need a reminder just how great you are. Say shush to anxiety and focus on the task in hand, getting control of negative thoughts and harnessing positive energy

  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress responses
  • Mental clarity

Who’s it for?

The Athlete.

We can’t name names, but Neurio is the nootropic of choice for some International footballers, golfers, boxers, tennis players and F1 drivers. Whatever level you’re at from beginning your exercise journey at the gym to a professional athlete, Neurio can give you that extra push & motivation you need. Neurio is tested and verified by Informed Sport so there will be no issues if you’re drug tested for your sport.

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Performance

who’s it for?

The Entrepreneur.

Business people don’t have a 9-5 switch. They use Neurio to support world-class decision-making and creativity. It’s that level of mental alertness that keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

  • Mental focus
  • Concentration
  • Creative flow state

who’s it for?

The Parent.

And you thought you knew what busy was before you had kids! Neurio can’t tackle your to-do-list for you, but it can certainly make it all feel a little easier and give you a ‘can do attitude’, helping to banish frustration and irritability so you can get things done

  • Increased Calm
  • Mental Energy
  • Productivity

Who’s it for?

The Student.

What happened to student life being full of parties and lie-ins? These days you guys are up against packed lecture schedules, long reading lists and overwhelming research. Neurio is your secret weapon

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce distractions
  • Mental clarity